Apc BR1000G – IN Ups ( 1KVA )


10,325 11,210

  • Power Saving Allows a load connected to the controlled outlet (e.g. printer/scanner /speaker) to shut down when computer connected to the master outlet goes to sleep/standby/switched off. Saves up to INR2000 of electricity per year 1 Master (battery backed) and 1 controlled outlet (surge only)
  • 6 Indian 3-pin Sockets 4 battery backed + surge and 2 surge only outlets
  • Wider input voltage window 150-288V
  • Better genset compatibility
  • Surge Arrest port for telephone/DSL modem/LAN cable
  • Internal battery models Comes with 9Ah x 2 batteries onboard ,XL Capability – Extended runtime for extended power cuts, Battery pack (to be bought separately)
  • External battery models ,Can connect 12-26Ah batteries, 2.6A max charger (24V) to ch
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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 60 cm